About stretch-AIDE™

stretch-AIDE rolled upThe stretch-AIDE strap is a unique, lightweight, comfortable, easy to grip strap that aids in a variety of stretches. It is strong, durable and ultra versatile in adapting to various lengths for all levels of flexibility, allowing the body to relax into deeper stretches without fighting or straining and potentially causing injury.

When you begin to use the stretch-AIDE, you'll notice how strong and durable it is. It conveniently doubles as a mat carrier, is lightweight and travels easily, and is machine washable!

What makes the stretch-AIDE unique from other straps? The stretch-AIDE is different for many reasons: you'll notice how soft it feels, how comfortable it is to grip, and how adaptable it is for creating multiple hand-holds and for looping around feet, ankles, knees, etc. Unlike some straps on the market, stretch-AIDE has no cold, hard buckles to bang you or the floor. You'll also appreciate the well-engineered design with a loop at each end, a rounder grip in the middle, and its handy, versatile length.

You won't find another strap out there comparable to the stretch-Aide!

About the Creator

Shannon EwingShannon Ewing, creator of the stretch-AIDE, grew up in Jackson Hole, WY, and from her preschool years embraced an active lifestyle from skiing to competitive horse events. From school sports to hiking and biking, her youth was full of outdoor activities in the natural surroundings of the Grand Teton-Yellowstone Ecosystem. She has a degree in Exercise & Sport Science/Exercise Therapy from Colorado State University. An accomplished Equestrian who made a serious bid for the 2004 Olympic Three Day Event Team. She has been a Jazzercise instructor as well as caring for private Exercise Therapy clientele. Shannon also genuinely enjoys, and truly requires, her hot yoga practice. Maintaining an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle is important to Shannon. With the help of this simple, effective stretching tool, the stretch-Aide, staying healthy is that much easier.

The concept of the stretch-AIDE strap was inspired by one of Shannon's exercise therapy clients who was bedridden by Multiple Sclerosis. Shannon needed something simple that would help her client do things as basic as simply sitting up in bed. Shannon created the first prototype and used it with her client to loop the strap around the end of the client's bed and pull herself up. It was also an invaluable tool in assisting with stretches to help maintain mobility in her client's rigid, MS-stricken body, between Exercise Therapy days.

It wasn't until Shannon brought her own prototype to yoga class that she realized how beneficial the tool was in allowing the body to relax into deeper positions and stretches without fighting and straining. A soft, comfortable strap, capable of versatile lengths, without any cold, hard hardware on the end (like so many current yoga straps), and machine washable was something everyone could benefit from! The added bonus of using it as a "mat carrier" by placing both loops of the stretch-AIDE around a rolled-up mat was the icing on the cake. Thus, stretch-AIDE was born!